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ProSource Speckled Foam Roller Black & Orange - 18 x 6

ProSource Speckled Foam Roller Black & Orange - 18 x 6

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High Density Speckled Foam Rollers

ProsourceFit foam rollers are a key component of a healthy, fit lifestyle. A high density roller is perfect for intermediate or advanced users who are used to the sensation of foam rolling. The firm pressure helps alleviate muscle tension and trigger points that cause pain so you can maintain a flexible body and prevent muscle imbalances. Great for rehabilitation after an injury, body awareness, stretching, and workout recovery, they can be used daily for optimal range of motion. Four sizes.

  • Available in multiple sizes - 12x6, 18x6, 24x6, 36x6 (inches)
  • Perfect for use in Pilates and physical therapy for core stabilization
  • Firm pressure helps relieve knots and sore muscles
  • Comes in two fun color options: blue or orange
  • Lightweight, durable and water-resistant - maintains shape for long-term use
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